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How to make 7x more, delivering the same service

Uncategorized Jul 22, 2020

M. is like many of my clients, really good at what she does. She's overqualified (and still thinks she needs more degrees) and one of the best yoga teachers I know.

M was juggling multiple freelance jobs and classes when we met. And then COVID-19 hit. A lot of her work fell away. One after the other studio or teaching position closed their doors or reduced the number of teachers.

The crisis emphasized the disempowered situation she was in: freelancing for different studios and workplaces, low fees, lots of responsibility, but little commitment from their side, which made her feel undervalued, unseen, and underpaid.

M knew it was time to change something. Not only did she feel called to start teaching online, which was something she had been postponing.

But even more, she felt called to begin to take her business in her own hands.

And I understood the position she was in so well (I have been there!). So when we talked for the first time, I got excited. I couldn't wait to package her unique awesomeness and monetize it in an empowered way so that she'd get the recognition she deserves.

So here is what we did:

  • We got super clear on her ideal client
  • We put into words what the transformation is she wants to facilitate for them
  • We created a monthly membership that makes M. light up as a teacher, creating lots of value for her clients
  • We priced everything according to her money goals so that her business can make the money she desires to live the life she wants
  • We created a one-on-one package for clients that crave to dive deeper into their body-mind journey. VIP packages with VIP pricing.

Within three months of working together, M's hourly teaching rate has gone up times seven.

Let me say that again.

She's making seven times more for one yoga class than she did before. She's building her own business, with a strong messaging, attracting ideal clients.

Students that are in her membership, easily flow into more high-end one-on-one work. And brand new students find her on social media and are ready to book.

You can imagine how my heart lights up when I see this happening. Let the power of making money the right way, come to the right people.

Recognize any of this? Let me know. I'm here to help!