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How Aunt Betsie is keeping you from the $$$

Uncategorized Jan 19, 2019

Let’s say, you want to make 200K this year.

You’ve got the funnel.

The *gasp, that’s so much money* business coach.

The offers.

But for some reason, despite the new, fancy branding pics, it’s not happening.

And you don’t know WHY (otherwise you would fix it, right?).

Here’s what’s tripping you up, sister:

A limiting belief, like…
>> "When I'm successful, I have no time for anything but work and I will hurt and disappoint my family."
>> "If I earn more than my father, I will hurt him."
>> "My clients will never pay my new fees."
>> If I make this much money, Aunt Betsie will hand my brother the apartment in Venice after she’s dead, not me and it’s the perfect place to meet my lover!!”

You can strategize your way to greatness, but unless you release the belief that keeps you wondering how you’re going to pay bills (including 5 new audiobooks on “How to get rich”)?

You’re going to feel out of whack (out of ALIGNMENT ← buzzword).

If this is you - and you’re FRUSTRATED that…

  • Sales calls aren’t panning out (how many no’s can you take?!)
  • Opportunities seem to evaporate> you make money, but it disappears into a bottomless pit (OK, and into a pretty sizeable shoe addiction)
  • Clients that sign up, back out… last minute!

Whatever it is… wanna know how to get a handle on the limiting belief boycotting your party?


  • Sit down. Take a cuppa hot tea. Get cozy.
  • Close your eyes (Important! We want to talk to your subconscious for a moment, which will only happen if you close your eyes).
  • Imagine yourself having the 200k come in with ease. And while you’re at it, double or triple the amount. Heck, imagine yourself swimming in money. See your flourishing business, clients begging to work with you, your bank account overflowing, etc etc. Go big and go wild
  • Now ask yourself: If all of that was happening, and something would go wrong, what would that be?
    [Insert your answer]
  • Then ask:Okay, so if I [would have no more time for myself and my husband]What would be the worst about that?
  • Answer that: Etcetera!

Go down the rabbit hole, find out what the fears and  limiting are that come of for you…


Share your answers with me below, and I'll help you shift them. It's easy you just gotta know how!