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"Everything Is Conspiring For Your Awakening"

Uncategorized Sep 16, 2020

On a live call with my Mastermind Group one woman said:

“I want to move forward, but there's always something in the way. A client cancels and I need to deal with that, I need to move house, when I think I finally have time there’s just something that takes up all of my time!”

And I totally get that, the feeling that life just gets in the way of you achieving your dreams.

Then I asked her...

What if we flip it around?

What if you ask with everything and everyone that hurts you, makes you angry or upsets you in any way:

“What is this person showing me or teaching me?”

This is how you find what that is.

Dive deep...

Find that belief, or that thought that they trigger...

It can be that they ‘make you’ feel unvalued, or not heard. Or maybe they give you the feeling that ‘you’re not good enough, again’.

Then be kind to you. Show self-compassion:

Of course, you want to be heard, met and valued. How would it feel if they did? The answer will be something positive, like I would feel valued, I’d feel loved, I’d feel safe.

Now that’s your answer to what they are showing you.. this is their GIFT: they’re showing you what it means like to be safe, to be valued, to be loved.

Last thing to do is to:
- thank them,
- forgive them,
- and set them free,

and..... keep the good stuff (aka the gifts! ;-)

This ain't easy stuff!!! I understand it can be hard to find the actual gift the person has given you... if you'd like me to shine a light on something that has been bothering you, feel free to leave a comment below and I'll get back to you asap.

p.s. this lil' practice might come in handy during any family gatherings during the holidays ;-) Just sayin'