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El Pastèl es grande

Uncategorized Jan 24, 2019

Or… what to do when you think you are too late and nobody wants to buy your stuff

Once upon a time, I had a Cuban boyfriend. He was a salsa dancer (of course) and owned one of the first Salsa Schools in Amsterdam. By the time I met him there were about 40 other Salsa Dance Schools in the city.

And always when I was worried about the other schools getting bigger, he said: El pastèl es grande, meaning, THE PIE IS BIG. Meaning… there are students for all these schools, there are always new people wanting to learn to dance and I will always have enough.

(The reason I didn’t stay with him was because he also thought that about girlfriends but that’s another story - he had an abundance mindset in all areas of life let’s say, lol  ;-)

But ALWAYS when my clients are afraid that there are no clients for them, that ‘everybody offers the same’ or that it is too late to get out there ‘cause it has all been done… I remind them of this: EL PASTÈL ES GRANDE. 

There is more than enough

There are more than enough people out there looking for what you offer. 

The only thing is is that you need to find them and they need to find you. And if it is not easy yet to fill your calendar with clients, then that is what you need to do: take action, get out there, test, do, sell, pivot, find the words and keep showing up. 

Makes me wonder...

Do you ever think there aren't enough people who will buy your program, that you're too late or that so many others are already doing what you do (or doing it better)?

What if you'd tell yourself there is more than enough?

Let me know in the comments!