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Do this one thing and your day will be smooth as butter

Uncategorized Aug 18, 2018

"I just can't allow myself to do the things I really want to do although, I feel I need to chill the F* out," she said...
.. and I immediately knew that doing whatever the heck she wants is exactly what she needs. Radically. For a week. Or maybe 2. Or 3! (Might as well turn it into a habit.)

I wanted to jump and shout and say: Do it - get up, get your children to day-care, your fresh flowers delivered to your doorstep and take a bath. Go back to bed, read that one book that has been on your shelf for a while. Treat yourself to your favorite chocolate.

(It's so much easier to see this for someone else, than for yourself, right. Why do we have such a hard to permit ourselves to follow our intuition??!!)

So if that's so hard, let's help each other out here a little!

TODAY you can borrow my PERMISSION to do that one thing you've NOT been doing

The one thing that you thought was too lazy, too expensive, too crazy or too...

That one thing that you have denied yourself.

Give in to it...

enjoy it fully without a spark of guilt...

without being afraid that you'll fall into a black hole, without being afraid that you won't do anything useful ever anymore, without being afraid that you will be a failure.

The beautiful thing is, by giving yourself permission to follow your bliss, you'll feel

At Ease


Full of self-love and self-compassion
... which you will RADIATE to the world.

AND here's the trick: your energy will shift, which your (potential) clients will FEEL, which makes them come to you just like bees get attracted to honey.

Don't push today / this week / the next two weeks. Give in. Listen. Be.

And tell me about the magic that happened.

Can't wait.