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Didn’t make your income goal for 2018 (Yet!)? Here’s why:

Uncategorized Aug 14, 2019

Didn’t make your income goal for 2018 (Yet!)? Here’s why:

If you’re wondering why the heck you’re not making your monthly, quarterly or yearly income goals with your business and you’ve done it all, the mindset, the tapping, the affirmations, learning about funnels and FB ads and conversion techniques.

Then think about this.

Does your inner business agree with your outer business?

In other words: Is your subconscious in alignment with your conscious?

For Example: 

Consciousness: I want to make $100,000 in a year. 

Subconscious: People will see me as a fraud when I charge high-end prices for my services.

Now the game is on. 

You and your conscious mind are strategizing, pushing, trying. 

Your Subconscious is believing that people will see you as a fraud.

  • people will reject you
  • you will be alone
  • you’ll be unhappy and lonely forever. 

Your subconscious rules 90% of your actions is smart enough to NOT let you get into danger of being alone (a primal fear, that would lead to death eventually).

THAT’s why it’s making you feel overwhelmed, keeps you from taking action, and let’s you say all the wrong things.


Instead of beating yourself up for your sabotaging behavior, look at yourself with compassion.

See how your beautiful subconscious mind is trying to keep you Safe and Alive and thank it for that. Forgive it for not seeing this the way you’d like it to, and gently invite your subconscious to believe that your conscious goals are completely safe.

When this sinks in deeply, you can go ahead and implement all the wonderful strategies that you’ve learned.

Now tell me where do you hold yourself back?

And what beliefs could possibly be in your way?