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“But... do I have to share everything about my life on social media???”

Uncategorized Oct 27, 2020

“But... do I have to share everything about my life on social media???” - aks my client.

She's got a successful business. Serves big companies. Hardly does any marketing - her clients come to her by word of mouth.

But now she's ready to expand. Reach a new audience. Build an online course (and some passive income, yes, please!).

So she's come to me to help her with an online marketing strategy. And I told her I'd like to see more of her in her brand.

So her potential clients can connect with her, learn from her stories, and be ready and eager to buy her stuff.

And despite the enthusiasm, I see a little frown on her forehead.

Because... "do I now have to share it all? I am not like that! I like my privacy!"

Here's what I told her:

  1. First of all. Your business, your life, your rules. This is your party, and you can fill it in exactly the way you choose to.
  2. There are successful business owners who share practically everything, insta-story all day long featuring their kids, dogs, breakfast, and breakups.
  3. Some successful entrepreneurs diligently curate their content, i.e., you see a pic of their kid's foot at most, and they would never tell you what they had for breakfast.
  4. There is no one size fits all.
  5. Check-in on the real reason why you are sharing or not sharing: if the reason is fear of judgment: not a good reason.

Here's what never works:

  1. Oversharing. Sharing your struggles in-the-moment and asking for advice all the time.
  2. Only sharing the good in your life and then put a pink filter on it.
  3. Complaining, making others look bad, comparing, and anything victim-role.

Instead, do this:

  1. Share from the scar, not the wound. Sometimes you need to go through something before you can share your perspective.
  2. Show your humanness. Nobody is happy 100% of the time, even if you teach others how to be their best selves: you are allowed to struggle.
  3. Share the lessons, the take-aways. Share how you overcame x obstacle. Tell stories that give us hope that we can do it too.

Back to you... what is your social media sharing style?

You go all in, or are you the mindful curator?