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Are your belief systems sabotaging your life?

Uncategorized May 07, 2018

In the last two blog posts, I talked about the resistance to change.

A little recap.

I assume there is something in your life you desire to change.

You want more money, a more challenging job, more friends, your own business.

Even when you really want that to happen, something inside of you makes it hard...

If you overcome the 'resistance to change', you have removed the most important blockage that’s in your way. You can be, do, or have the thing you want.

Sounds simple. But why isn’t it always that simple?

You get what you believe.

If you believe (as in know) that you are beautiful, you are beautiful.
If you believe you can start your own business you will start your own business.

If you believe that you can make a million euros a year, you will make a million euros a year.

Think of it like this.

When you go to Starbucks, and you order a latte - you know that you will get a latte. You don't order it and hope that it will arrive, but doubt along the way. Will I get the coffee?? I am not sure? As always everybody else gets it but I don't! I am not talented in getting a coffee... When you 'd think these thoughts you might even leave the shop before you have your coffee in your hands.

That's not what you do though.

You go in, you order, you pay, and you know you will get a latte. So you drink the latte and the next morning you do the same.

In case you would have doubted and left the shop before you got the latte, you would have confirmed to yourself that you can't get a latte. That you suck at getting lattes. That all those other people can get it except you. Because the proof is there, you are without your latte.

Instead, when you successfully purchase a latte you confirm that you can do this.

Your faith, your belief, your knowing is so strong that you easily go through the whole ‘manifesting a latte process’. you just leave the house, to enter the shop, order, pay and drink the latte.

If only you could be as convinced of everything else you desire.

Why is that not easy?

Because of your beliefs.

You have been taught to think in terms of what's possible and what's impossible. You believe you are capable of some things and incapable of others.

You believe certain things about yourself:

‘I am not creative.’

‘I can’t dance.’

‘I am just not as outgoing as she is’.

‘I want to raise my prices, but my clients will not pay for it.’

Underneath these belief systems, there are 'core belief systems' such as:

‘I must always fail’

‘I am not worthy.’

‘I am not lovable.’

!! This is the tricky part. Even if you think that you don’t have these belief systems, you might as well have them. Because they live in your subconscious. You are not conscious of them.

I mean, who thinks consciously ‘ I am not worthy’

Nobody really.

But you might think ‘If I raise my prices my clients will leave me’
(Or equivalent: I want to ask for a raise, but I will never get it).

And the belief underneath that will be something like ‘I am not worthy’

Once you shift the bottom belief, the belief about raising your prices will change easily!

All of a sudden you just do it and you attract the clients that are happy to pay you a higher rate.

Because you changed your inner world your outer world shifts.

Still following?


What did those beliefs have to do with getting anything you want?

So. Let’s say you want to earn money baking cakes because that is what you love to do.

If you don’t believe there is a way to make decent money baking cakes, you will never start. If you don’t believe that you are worthy to make good money doing what you love, you will never even try.


If you shift those beliefs, it will be easy for you to believe that it is possible. You will feel that you are worthy and deserving to have your own successful business baking cakes.

You’ll make the most amazing love filled cakes, people will rage about them, soon you’ll have more clients than you can handle. And before you know you’re having the most successful cake place in town.

All that could have never unfolded if you didn’t believe it was possible.

SO HOW do you shift those beliefs?

There is a short answer to that Q:
Find out what the core belief is and shift it.

But usually, it doesn’t work like that.

To shift your negative belief systems you need someone to guide you through it.

Are you curious?

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