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Are You More In Your Egg-Ness Or In Your Sperm-Ness?

Uncategorized Nov 17, 2020

This is a true story that you might have forgotten, and it's costing you $$$.

Imagine this:

You, when you were nothing more than an egg, already existed BEFORE your mother was born (you actually lived about months in your grandmother's womb to make it extra freaky... anyhow... )

Remember that egg lifestyle??

Oh my, how chill it was...

Dangling around in your mum’s womb, just being, not needing or doing anything.

You were just in your blissful egg-ness

Being one with everything around you

It could have stayed like that forever,


Although the odds were small (I mean, there were 1000’s of competition-eggs!!)

One brave Sperm came to the idea to create some action

And so it was and so it happened:

Being merged with doing and cells started to multiply, and within a matter of months, you were becoming…

And the rest is history… but most probably you kinda forgot your egg-state a little…. (like, you don't even remember the first few years after you were born, yet on some level... you do!!)

Now here’s why remembering this egg-bliss-ness can help you as a busy, growth-minded entrepreneur:

Spermness gets more encouragement than eggness

You (and me and everyone you know) are too focused on doing and spend too little time BEING.

Now here’s the truth:

There is no doing without being first.

And in that blissful egg state - is where you can connect to your true creative power: to the awareness that you are one with everything (nature, the universe, everything).

You’re meant to be a vessel that translates life force energy into expression.

If you cut yourself off of the being - your going will lead to overwhelm, anxiety, exhaustion, you name it. And to overcome that, you want to fuel your doing in your being.

In other words, chilling the f* out, taking me-time, doing nothing, meditating, it is your necessary dose of Egg-Ness, bathing in infinite possibility... So that you can take INSPIRED action...

Back to you…

Are you more in your egg-ness or in your sperm-ness?

And what would change if you’d find more of a balance?