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A letter to Money

Uncategorized Jul 28, 2020

Last year in the Ibiza retreat, one of the participants’ assignments was to write a letter to Money.

And then read it out loud in front of the group.

I could have never imagined how emotional this would be.

The reader often cried; the audience cried with them. The letters were so intimate, feelings, and thoughts that were never said out loud were revealed, and Money was present in the room, like a tangible entity.

But most of all I remember thinking: it’s all about the relationship with yourself.

Money is a mirror.

I am not talking about the amount of Money you have. Like if you have a lot, you love yourself a lot.

I am talking about the feelings you have towards Money.

Sometimes it’s about being able to receive, feeling worthy, like in this letter:

“I hardly made any money; until the age of 40. BUT - when I had you on my bank account - I didn’t care about you - so for a long time I left almost 250.000 EUR on the current account, it’s almost like I couldn’t receive you, as if I wasn’t worthy. ”

Or Money provides the feeling of safety, of always having enough:

“I tend to keep you in my pocket, where it feels safe, where I can control you. Once spent, you will not come back to me – that is one belief I picked up along the way...”

Sometimes I could hear the word ‘Me’ instead of Money;

Money, I don’t trust you will always be there for me.
I don’t trust that I will always be there for me.

FACT: we want the Money because it generates a feeling.

It makes us feel safe, free, generous, abundant, and confident.

And here is the MAGIC in this:

Once you find out HOW having the Money you want would make you FEEL, you can find that feeling.

You can find safety in simply feeling the support of your chair underneath you, allowing your body to relax and deepen your breath.

You can find freedom in allowing yourself to be exactly where you are now, feeling all the feelings.

You can find abundance in the air you breathe, the water you drink, the leaves on the trees around you.

You can source the feelings right now.

And when you take action from that place, that’s when it’s easy for Money to arrive.

Back to you:

How do you feel towards Money?