Join Marie Forleo's B-School with the personal guidance of Aligned Business Expert Relinde Moors 


What I wish I had known when I joined B-School six years ago:


You don't need a website in order to make $$$

Start making money the moment you sign up for B-School, by knowing what your most profitable actions are.    


All succesful peepz have a coach

That one girl that just started and is making six figures while living in her yoga pants? I bet ya, she has a coach that skyrockets her success! (Hold on, I got you covered!)


If you s*ck at selling, you have money blocks

And when you identify those blocks, and work through them, all of a sudden selling becomes fun! This is when your business supports your overall life vision (read: you can now have the house, the travels, the clothes and donate to your favourite charity without worrying about not having enough!)

"Relinde showed us what to focus on most, and helped us to get out of our heads and into our hearts"

Marianne van den Broek, Personal Leadership for women with big, bold goals.


B-School is the best program out there, for (online) entrepreneurs

Besides getting the best, most up to date teachings in the online marketing world, you plug into the largest network of (female) entrepreneurs on the globe. 

Being part of that makes it easier to follow through on the action steps, keep going for your dreams, and make it all happen!

The only thing that can trip you up is...  overwhelm, procrastination, self doubt, or analysis paralysis...

But I have the cure for that... (Bonus Alert!) >>>



"In 4 weeks, I made $4000 more in sales than I usually do. And that wasn’t a coincidence. Working with Relinde totally changed my energy, which resulted in me showing up more present, relaxed and confident in my business. And in my sales calls. Which lead to immediate results."

Jitske Lochtenberg
Coach for female entrepreneurs who want it all, Van Droom naar Daad

My B-School Bonus

(! You don't need more training if you're a B-Schooler, what you need is hands on support)

 B-School is a complete training to start and grow your online business. 

But... (yes there is a but) as with anything new you learn, implementing it on your own can be hard. 

(I'll share a secret with you: I wasn't successful right away when I joined B-School. It took me a little while to really figure it out, and things really took off when I started working with a coach)

I've worked for years now with online entrepreneurs and creatives, and I see that real results happen when:


  • We work 1 on 1 and get crystal clear on where they need to focus their efforts, in order to get real results.
  • They break through of their limiting beliefs, especially around money, that are holding them back from the financial success they crave
  • They stop doing everything alone and work with a coach (me!) to kick their butt, cheerlead or celebrate when needed!

That's why my B-School Bonus provides all of that (so that you'll be the first of the Class of 2020 to make the sales, breakthrough your income plateau and have others wondering HOW you did it!!)

This is what you'll get if you join B-School through my link:

  1. A 1:1 session with me- Where we'll shift the core Limiting Belief that has been holding you back, so that you can get most out of B-School!
  2. Weekly Mastermind Calls during the 8-weeks of B-School, where I help you to choose the important action steps you need - lots of 1 on 1 coaching (HOT SEATS!) 
  3. A highly engaged intimate FB group, where I'll be hanging out all the time (just because I love it) and answer ALL your questions personally (!!)
  4. Unleash Your Money Flow my online course that helps you figure out your Quickest Way to Cash and shift any limiting beliefs that's in the way!

Total value: $1997 (+ a priceless energy boost)


"After working with Relinde I had my first 6-figure launch – And the money was pouring in by the ten-thousands!”"

Merel Kriegsman
High End Business Coach and Sales Expert

Clarity comes from action, not thoughts...

Ready to decide and go for it? Join B-School And get my Personal Coaching TODAY

It's nice to meet you...

My name is Relinde, former pro dancer, Energy Expert and Online Biz owner.

I help entrepreneurs and creatives break through their money blocks and hit the revenue goal they've been chasing for the last six months (or years!)...

 …. but couldn’t reach because they missed a piece of the puzzle…

By offering specific routines, deep belief system shifts and energy exercises designed to help them nail their sales calls, FB lives, speaking gigs or launch their next big thing without burning themselves out (or being stiff and grumpy).

And I am looking forward to make this B-School experience as life changing for you as it was for me

If you're ready to join, go ahead and sign up today. I recommend joining B-School as soon as you can, so that you can start with the pre-modules before the course kicks off on the 2nd of March.


I totally understand this is a big decision! Book a FREE 1:1 session with me Session with me, so we can chat about it in person. I'm looking forward!

"I felt this one session with Relinde completely realigned me, and transformed me from the inside out. It was the missing piece in me finally up-leveling my business and revenue goals. "

Beck Keen
Brand Story-Teller and Award Winning Entrepreneur